Belgrade Beer Fest
15-19.08.2007.Belgrade Beer Fest
BCN Intro

The Belgrade Cultural Network Music & More (BCN) was established in February 2003 as the logical continuation of the previous work of its founders, who were involved in production and organization projects, independently or jointly, since 1993. Data/Images/bkm.jpg

Field of Activity

The main business of the Belgrade Cultural Network Music&More’s is EVENT MANAGEMENT.

In line with the basic principle, BCN M&M’s portfolio includes:

  • Organization of concerts, festivals, tours
  • Organization of other musical events
  • Booking of local and foreign bands
  • Booking of local and foreign DJs
  • Advertising campaigns
  • Organization of other special events
  • Promotions and presentations
Organisational Structure

BCN M&M Management Board acts as an umbrella for several organizational units working together to ensure flawless event management.

Special teams of young professionals within the organization are in charge of strategic planning, marketing, management, fundraising, PR, etc. Over the years, organizers have independently or in cooperation with other organizations carried out a number of musical, social, sports, and political events, marketing campaigns, promotions, tours, and presentations.

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